viBe graduation celebration

  • HERE Arts Center 145 Avenue of the Americas New York, NY, 10012 United States

Come join viBe in honoring the inaugural class of the viBe Leadership Institute, as well as our viBeGraduates! For seven months, our first cohort of the Leadership Institute have gone through monthly workshops led by Toya Lillard, Dana Edell, and Gina Grandi. Trainees have also attended the Black Girl Movement Conference (April 7-10), the Arts in Education Roundtable's Face to Face Conference (April 26th-27th), and, thanks to the Eclipsed 10,000 girls campaign, they saw "Eclisped" on Broadway, on April 29th! The first Broadway show for many! Come join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of multiple generations of viBeGirls (and now viBeWomen!)